Saturday, 7 March 2009

Friday: I Watched The Watchmen!

OK, so it's just over an hour since I got home from watching Watchmen. Opening night, months of anticipation, mixed (but generally positive) reviews... was there any chance that my expectations were just way too high?

In short? NO! This isn't my official review (I'll probably do one later), but just the ramblings of an extremely happy individual. What a great, great movie! The visual style is incredible, the actors are great (especially Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach and Patrick Wilson as Nite Owl II), and the epic scale led to many hairs-on-end, shivers moments. I was (and still am!) just so happy, my grinning face a testament to the crews hard work and effort truly paying off. I went with two friends, one who's started the book and one who hasn't read any of it. All of us loved it. All of us! THOUGH - the film isn't for everyone. There are people who definitely won't like it. There are people who definitely won't get it. But seriously? I had a heck of an evening! So much love and devotion has gone into that movie, and it really, really shows! For 163 minutes I was absolutely captivated, never bored, always entertained, continually riveted! And I even knew what happened at the end. Part of me is jealous of Dawson and Erik. To have this as your first Watchmen experience would be a great opportunity, though I'm glad I read the book first.

So, go and see it! Go and love it! If you don't love it? It's probably best that you just don't tell me... and read the book!

At last. At long, long last. The pay-off. I love this movie. I need to see it again.

Peace out!